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Exterior Armadek

Water-based technologically advanced protective coating for protection against weather, UV, traffic - can be used on all exterior timber where a lower sheen is preferred Benefits: this product is environmentally friendly and complies with international safety standards, has a low VOC (volatile organic compound) percentage is dries very quickly to save time & money.

Specifications  |  Safety sheet

Exterior Sealer

Superior long life deep penetrating UV protective sealer for all exterior timber directly or indirectly exposed to weather and strong sunlight - BENEFITS: - Will not flake or peel – unlike varnishes; exceptional coverage (approx 10m2 per litre per coat); easy refurbishment – no sanding or scraping; surface protection against fungus, dry-rot & insects; can be applied over most timber preservatives; e.g. Tannalith (CCA), Creosote (Carbolineum), etc; unique catalyst (AFS) may be added for increased toughness & wear resistance

Specifications  |  Safety sheet

Interior Armafloor

Self crosslinking polymerised acrylic emulsion with colour enhancing technologies and superb wear & tear resistance. Ideal for all timber floors, and bar counter tops, in a pretty Gloss or Matt finish. This product is specially formulated to be used under domestic conditions where a high quality long lasting finish is required, at the same time bringing out the colour of the natural wood without darkening the timber.

Specifications  |  Safety sheet

Interior Coating

Polyurethane based low odour tough scratch resistant solvent based fast drying universal coating for all interior woodwork - except high traffic floor areas, good lower cost alternative to higher priced alternatives. High quality base polyurethane give excellent general purpose wear and tear.

Specifications  |  Safety sheet

Penetrating Oil

Low film build, deep penetrating moisture resistant timber sealer. Penetrates into the surface of the timber giving a water repellant durable coating, also has a high resistance to fungal attack through the action of approved fungicides and biocides. Dries slowly to form attractive matt sheen which enhances the appearance of the original timber. Suitable for application to softwood or hardwood including timber with a natural oil content or that has been treated with wax based products. Economical alternative for doors, windows, patios, decks, fascias, picket fences & wendy houses etc. that are likely to be directly or indirectly exposed to the weather.

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Timbacare Product Selector

Use this simple chart / table to ensure you choose the correct product for your use, however, should you be unsure, please make use of our professional advice and services by calling the relevant service agent in your area...

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